Working as part of the Aurora Media team that was invited to create content for the Royal Commission of AlUla, producing extensive photography archives from the AlUla Moments festivals in Saudi Arabia.

The goal was to capture a variety of unique events throughout the three month project, generating bespoke imagery focused on showcasing the cultural and natural beauty of AlUla and through each frame tell the distinctive story of the region.

These images would help promote the AlUla Moments festivals in the future, and entice visitors from around the world to the destination.


In close collaboration with the event organisers, I approached each shoot as an individual storyline to capture – through understanding the event’s attendees, location, and schedule.

My goal was to ensure that each and every shoot generated an archive of imagery of maximised quality whilst ensuring its functionality for a variety of uses across digital media.

There were a variety of shoot locations, features, and activities that demanded photography to highlight their individuality. For example, I shot actress Lucy Hale at the mirrored Maraya Concert Hall which was surrounded by breathtaking scenery that required extensive photographic consideration to best capture the guest and location.

This ideology was applied to shoots with Guy Ritchie, DJ Khaled, Scott Eastwood, in addition to landscape, food and dining, fashion show, hospitality, and sports focused briefs.


I delivered an archive of hundards images to the client from various shoots across the AlUla Festivals. This photography will be used to create engaging content across the spectrum of digital media, to promote the events and spotlight the region as a destination for high-end tourism.