I was commissioned by the Gumball Rally to shoot on their 2018 journey. The brief allowed for a lot of freedom, except for a small pre-defined shotlist. Capturing the spirit and unique atmosphere of such an event was key. There were several requests for specific brand-related images at various locations from the diverse range of sponsors and partners for the event.


I used my previous years of experience to lead the photographic outcome for Gumball. This included curating shots on location with various cars as well as capturing impromptu moments ultimately improving the overall quality of photography that was captured

and chosen to represent event.

Through building relationships with numerous teams on the rally, I was able to capture more personal images, and bring some of my more ambitious ideas to life.


All of the photographic content I produced was created with social media in mind and the objective of finding and telling the unique stories behind the spirit of Gumball 2018.