I worked with Interstate Creative Partners to craft the photographic visual identity of NextEV, a technology company with it's own Formula E team that specialises in developing high-performance electric vehicles. 

When Dr Martin Leach took control of the team in March 2016, there were only two main agencies covering the Formula E Championship. I worked as NextEV’s dedicated Team Photographer to bring more coverage in-house and better establish their brand identity.


I followed the team throughout the testing period in Europe, building a strong relationship with drivers and team members. This allowed me to produce leading team lifestyle and on-track photography separating NextEV from their competitors.

I also created a two-fold visual narrative around the forming of NIO (a NextEV sub-brand) and documenting the link between their two performance-based programmes: the NIO EP9 Supercar and the creation of the NIO Formula E Team.


I covered and archived NIO’s full 2016/17 Formula E season, producing leading motorsports photography to a unique brand style, and produced a well-crafted visual journey of NIO’s formation, showcasing their technology and building a platform to market and sell electric road vehicles.